Mary  Espinosa  Art

Title: Daybreak   24" X 24"

Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

β€œArt is not what you see, but what you make others see.”​​

                                                    - Edgar Degas

Artist's Statement 

My art is always full of texture and colours, the process is extremely sensorial. For more than ten years I have taught autistic children to paint and to explore sensory through art. By using Mixed Media and acrylic paints I can achieve varied levels of texture in what I create.

My love for colours and shapes guides me while creating my art. Usually, I begin a new painting inspired by a colour that has captured my attention and that establishes the direction I take with that piece.

Starting with a blank canvas I connect emotions with the colours and textures of the materials being used and playfully explore it's potential. This connection is something that fuels my creative process and makes my art a true reflection of my soul. One of my favourite subjects is flowers because of the radiance of the colours and diversity of shapes they possess.